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Post a Resume

Before you can post a resume you must have an account. Setup your free account with us. Click here:

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To post a resume, Login to your account. Then, select the blue Add Listing button at the upper left when you are in any of the directories.


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After clicking on Add Listing you will see a drop down-menu of all the various directories.

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Select Looking For Work after which you will be directed to the Looking For Work page.

At the top of the page, there are three Career Category boxes, which will help employers browsing Heliconnect find the resumes you're advertising. We recommend choosing at least one of the options from the drop-down menu, and you may choose up to three.


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Next, you can fill in the rest of the fields with more information about you and your qualifications. You'll need to fill out the Job Title, this is the best description for the job you are looking for. The more information you enter, the more likely you are to be contacted.


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After filling out as many as you'd like, you'll find a field that allows you to upload a resume which other users can download. Even though some of the information in your listing may be duplicated in your resume, we suggest adding enough information to your listing so potential employers can determine they want to look at your resume.

If you'd like to attach photos to the listing, first click the blue Add an Image text. Keep in mind the first photo will be used as the default thumbnail image, which will be displayed throughout the site.

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To upload image click Choose Files, to select a file from your hard-drive. Once you've chosen the correct file from your computer, click Open at the bottom-right corner of the pop-up window.

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Once you've selected a photo to upload, the filename of that photo will appear on the page.


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To add multiple images, simply follow the same steps again; first, click Add an Image, then click Choose Files, select your image from your device, and click Open.

You can also remove images once you’ve added them; just click Remove.

Interested employers can contact you Via the Contact link on your posting which will send you a message, or via the information you chose to show on your personal profile, or message you via the message user link in your personal profile as shown below.


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As a final step, you can also indicate your location to be shown on the map. Click Locate on Map and based on the address you enter, the map will identify a location. You can change this or remove it.


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When you’re ready, complete your listing, click Submit.

You can edit your Posting at anytime when you are logged in by clicking the gear at the top right and selecting Edit.

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Selecting edit will take you back to the same form you used to create your listing.

 Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact support, or click the Send us a Message button at the bottom.


Thanks for Connecting!



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