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Claiming an Existing Business Listing


Before you can claim a Business Listing, you must have an account. Setup your free account with us now by clicking here:


claim business listing1


To claim a listing, login to your account. Then, select Business Listings from the bottom-left of the Home screen, or click on the Business Listings tab at the top of the screen.


claim business listing2


This will take you to the main Business Listings page. This page contains all of the existing business listings on Heliconnect.

To see if your business is already on Heliconnect, either:


  1. Search the listings by typing the name of your business into the search bar at the bottom left hand side of the screen or
  2. Browse the listings alphabetically by choosing the first letter of the name of your business.


claim business listing3

If you can't find your business listed on Heliconnect you can create a business listing.

If you do find that your business is already listed on Heliconnect and would like to claim it, start by clicking the icon or name of the business listing.


claim business listing4 


This will take you to a page that has information about the business.  After you claim the listing, you'll be able to edit this information.


claim business listing5


To claim the business listing, scroll down until you see a row of grey icons. Near the right-hand side of this row, click on the icon that says Claim Listing.


In order to ensure that each business listing can only be claimed by its actual owners or operators, we check each claim individually and ensure that the person contacting us is authorized to speak on behalf of the business.

In order to do help us complete this as quickly as possible, on this page you'll have to enter information about you and your relationship to the business listing, and a contact email or phone number so that we can follow up with you if necessary. None of this information will be shared publicly.

Once you've entered a message you're happy with, click the blue "√ Claim Listing" icon.


claim business listing7


After you submit your message, Heliconnect administrators will receive your claim request and send an email to the address associated with your personal profile confirming your claim has been approved.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or click the Send a Message button at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for connecting!




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