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Create a Business Listing

Create a Business Listing

Before you can create a Listing for Business, Parts or Jobs, you must have an account. Setup your free account with us. Click here:

Sign up for a Business Listing on Heliconnect

If you already have an account, Login to your account and select Business Listing from the top menu.


Login to your Heliconnect account

You’ll see 3 main sections, Featured Business Listings, Latest Business Listings and a full Business Directory (in alphabetical order).

To create your Listing, click Create Listing on the left sidebar, from the dropdown, click Business.

Add Listing on Heliconnect

There are 3 business categories, select the most applicable categories for your business. One category is required, the others are optional.

Add Business Listing on Heliconnect

Complete the contact info, noting the bold fields are required.

The Show Contact Person on Profile is optional. If selected, the Contact Name will appear on the Business Listing. If you do not want the person’s name to appear, de-select this box.

Show contact person on file

The Video (YouTube and Vimeo) URLs are optional. If you do have an informational or interview video that is relevant to your business, paste the URL link here.

Enter a brief summary about your business in the Description Editor. Special formatting and style options are available.

Description Editor

Add images to your listings in the Listing Photos section. Click Add an image and upload up to 8 images. You’ve heard it before, “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

Note: The first image you upload will serve as the default image associated with your business. This image will how up as a thumbnail image when your business is featured, new, and appears in a list of similar businesses. So select one that best represents your business, you can also choose to upload an image of your company logo as your first image.

Listing Photos

To add multiple images, click Choose Image, select your image from your device, then click Add an image to insert another image. You can also remove images once you’ve added them, just click Remove.

Listing Photos: choose files

Place your business on the map. Click Locate on map and based on your address entered, the map will identify your location. You can change this or remove it.

Place your business on the map

When you’re ready, complete your listing, click Submit.

Submit your business listing

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please contact support, or click the Send us a Message button at the bottom.

Thanks for Connecting!




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